Sandboxed Cyber Security Learning Platform Early Access

We’ve been working on teaching cyber security for a few years already, but only recently made it to the point where we can safely ask for public feedback. It’s not perfect, the UX is not the best, but the product is truly awesome.

To learn about cyber security as a developer there aren’t many options. Either you read lots of theory or will have to set up your own server with vulnerabilities to practice. Luckily the DVWA (Damn Vulnerable Web Application) is free to deploy with just a click, but we’ve gone further than that.

Our platform actually teaches you how to find and fix vulnerabilities using a sandbox environment (real servers, real attacks). The environment deploys with a click. Our guide has automatic bots that check if you’ve fixed the vulnerability or not.

The platform is open for early access testing. So register at our website and use the access code “r-early-access-demo”. Leave any kind of feedback you like, like whether you found it useful? would it be useful in your company? What could we change to make this something you would use every day?

With this access code you can complete 4 laboratories:

  • Command Injection
  • HTTPS Security
  • SQL Injection
  • Stored XSS

So I hope you give it a go and perhaps have further ideas on how to make it better.

Krister Viirsaar